Our history

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies has more than 60 years experience in cosmetic colorants thanks to multiple acquisitions in US and Europe, and more than 30 years in specialty ingredients.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies – ex Warner Jenkinson

Sensient acquired Warner-Jenkinson (a leader in colors application) in 1984 to penetrate into the color business. After several acquisitions (H. Kohnstamm and Clarck Colors in 1988, Williams in 1992), Warner-Jenkinson became its cosmetic color division.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies – ex Les Colorants Wackherr (LCW)

The French market leader in dyes and pigments was integrated into the Sensient group in 1999. Founded in 1947, Les Colorants Wackherr was a French company specialized in innovative raw materials and coloring ingredients for the cosmetic industry.
At this time, it was being the only French company producing coloring raw materials for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. During the post-war period, the company developed an innovative powder : applied on the legs, it gives the illusion of nylon stockings ; “making lot of women happy”.
The company settled its headquarter offices, laboratories and production buildings in Saint Ouen L’Aumône (30 km far from Paris).
After the acquisition by Sensient, the new company named LCW, took in charge the development of the cosmetic color and ingredient activity of the group wordwide.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies – ex Cardre

Cardre Inc., a leading supplier of surface treated pigments, joined the group in 2002.
These 3 companies combined to become Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, a unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation - bringing unequalled expertise and experience to be a global supplier of colors and ingredients for the cosmetic industry.
Sensient Cosmetic Technologies’ central office is located in the heart of Europe - close to Paris. Sensient has sales offices and competent representatives throughout the world.


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