Hair colors & ingredients

From a position of leading supplier of hair dyes color, especially direct dyes, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is moving to a global position of hair dyes and hair ingredients specialist.
Our range of products dedicated to hair dyes and hair care applications include:
- Direct dyes
- Oxidation dyes
- Color additives
- Hair ingredients
Our hair dyes & ingredients specialists are constantly bringing new concepts to the market combining our expertise in colors and hair science.
They can also work on specific partnership projects.
Technical support
Our application team has created complete formulation guidance to support customers in their product developments and stays available for any questions.

Quality, Purity & Specifications
Our hair dyes reach the highest purity standards in hair dyeing specifications ensuring the best color result on hair and a superior batch to batch consistency.

Ahead of highly demanding worldwide regulations, our product specifications are constanly reviewed to meet these chalenging requirements.


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