Upcoming Trends

Tasty Paradise

Women who associate beauty with general wellness. This trend is an ode to curves and accentuates the luxury of taking time for yourself. These women are in symbiosis with the environment and enjoy a free lifestyle.
They may be taking a break from the digital world yet the physical is well and truly on. The real pleasure of life is to be yourself.  
The color range is warm and indulgent, such as sun-kissed skin and fresh tones.

“ Basking in the pleasure of being yourself ”

Timeless Simplicity

Slowing down, releasing pressure and not giving way to excess are the aspirations of this new generation of women. These women are beauty experts and aim to age better in a more authentic way.
Naturally radiant, they combine simplicity with femininity. They are subscribers to show-life trends.
They prefer homemade cosmetics and grandma’s secret tips and recipes to enhance the effect of their beauty care.
The colors balance between soft tones and a hint of an iridescent pigment.

“Aspires to the essential”

Free Spirit

The trend’s target concerns the youngsters. It is represented by an original, unapologetic  even provocative brand of beauty.
This self-made beauty represents free creativity.
Makeup is a fashion accessory and a way of expressing your personality, especially through social media.
They are fan of new concepts and fashionable destinations, ready to try out anything unusual.
A playful palette of colors that freely mixes soft, electric and intense tones.

“Daring & Playful”

Creative Thinking

A trend inspired by the promotion of crafts and manual skills. These women are intrigued by the idea of exploring, experimenting and making things by themselves.
They are also digital natives and enjoy being amazed by the magic of science.
Soft, powdery or doughy shades are used in this trend.

"Ready for experimental cosmetics”


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